“Abshire is a master from the old school, who with his young colleagues, delivers pure, joyful, energetic fare that will put you in motion, invite studied listening, and bring you back to a time and place you have never been before.”
—Linda Morris, Dirty Linen Magazine
Baltimore, Maryland

“Ray Abshire, he’s one of the reasons Cajun music continues its roots resurgence. Abshire is one of the most awe inspiring accordionists you’ll ever hear – the real deal in the old school tradition. He’s loaded with technique, impeccable timing and an attacking drive that emanate the fullest sounds possible. The man known as Lafayette’s best kept secret is no longer and to Cajun music zealots everywhere, that’s headline news.
—Dan Willging, offBeat Magazine
New Orleans, Louisiana

“If you’re a newcomer to Cajun music, Ray Abshire may be the best accordion player you’ve never heard.”
—Herman Fuselier, The Daily Advertiser
Lafayette, Louisiana

“Ray Abshire and friends play authentic Cajun music not heard much these days. “For Old Times Sake” is music that’s still alive and kicking.”
—Andrew Griffin, The Town Talk
Alexandria, Louisiana

“Joined by some of the most prominent families in Cajun Music, Ray has assembled an astounding collection of emotions that will hit you right in the heart. His accordion playing is solid and true to the old-time sounds.”
—Ganey Arsement, The Cajun Press
Lake Charles, Louisiana

“Acadian Ambassadors, Abshire and his buddies bring back real Cajun music to the masses.”
—Arvenio Orteza, The Times of Acadiana
Lafayette, Louisiana

“Abshire is a authentic accordionist who has more than enough technical skills for several bands, while at the same time not being so schooled that his breathtaking playing is hidden by his technique. He attacks a song with the precise timing that might leave the listener gaping in wonder.”
—Bob Gottlieb, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
Nelson, New Hampshire

“Honest and authentically Cajun music is what you hear on Ray’s album. The spicy music has it’s own colors and strength. Ray’s authentic accordion style has never faded away”
— Ron Janssen, Folkworld

“Cajun music is great dance music and what we have here is about the best quality available. The singing is loud and plaintive, the fiddles and accordion are so tight as to be indistinguishable. Any way you slice it, this is a great CD.”
— Andy Cohen, Sing Out
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania