Ray Abshire: Pure Cajun

Ray Abshire is one of Cajun Music’s purest accordionists and vocalists and a living link to it’s very roots. He grew up in what is now referred to as the “Dance Hall Era” of South Louisiana and was surrounded by Cajun Music’s pioneer artists. Ray has performed with most all of the old masters whose recordings now form the texts for students of today.

During the late 1960’s thru mid 1970’s, as accordionist for the legendary “Balfa Brothers Band”, Ray helped open windows for Cajun Music in the nation’s musical consciousness. Today, joined by his sons Travis and Brent, who are now following their musical heritage, Ray is still at the forefront and a resurgent leader of “authentic” Cajun Music.

A member of the Louisiana Folk Artist Hall of Fame, Ray continues to play it the way it was handed down to him and understands the importance of preserving the authenticity of one of this nation’s great “folk” musics.

His style remains unfiltered with it’s own wholesome electricity.¬†From the Kennedy Center in New York, to the House of World Cultures in Berlin, to Fred’s in Mamou; each and every time you attend a Ray Abshire performance you are guaranteeed the “REAL DEAL” in Cajun Music!